5280 PUBLISHING, INC., doing business as 5280 Magazine, and, MAXIMILLIAN POTTER, Plaintiffs, v. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, an agency of the United States Government, and NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR EMPLOYER SUPPORT OF THE GUARD AND RESERVE, a congressionally established office within U.S. Department of Defense, Defendants.

Civil Action No. 06-cv-01367-ZLW-MEH.United States District Court, D. Colorado.
July 20, 2006

ZITA WEINSHIENK, Senior District Judge

Pursuant to and in accordance with the Stipulation Concerning Motion For Temporary Restraining Order (Doc. No. 6), it is

ORDERED that Plaintiffs’ Motion For Temporary Restraining Order (Doc. No. 2) is moot, the parties to pay their own attorneys’ fees and costs with respect to the motion.

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